Welcome to SP Lions Club

Chartered 20th May 1976

Join our Major Fundraising Project

In order to continue our main service project we are in need of funds. We rely on public donations and fundraising activities to provide us with much needed resources. This year we are holding a Charity Run to help us to help others. If you would like to know more about this event, or to participate then please visit our page and download the documents.

Help us to help the disadvantaged

Follow us on our "FaceBook" page for information on all the projects we carry out. Each month we engage in activities to help those in our community who are less able to help themselves. We join with other NGO's to collect blood for the hospitals, provide free eyesight screening for schoolchildren and the public at large, sponsor spectacles for needy schoolchildren and a host of other things. Check our 'Activities' page for upcoming events.

Recycle your Ring-Tabs

Next time you take a drink from one of those cans with a ring-pull tab, think - "Prosthetic Limb', and collect the tab. Each year we try to pass as many tabs as we can to the Chee Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society (Penang) to be used to obtain funding for the Royal Thai Foundation. These funds are used to provide prosthetic limbs to qualifying members of the public when the Foundation visits Penang (around May). In 2016 we handed over in excess of 150Kg of tabs. You can contribute by passing your tabs to any of our members, or anyone who knows our members, or even directly to Chee Hoon Khor.


Check our SightFirst Project

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